Carson Tahoe Hospital

Carson City, Nevada

“Behavioral Health Concepts was brought in to help us strengthen our behavioral health programs and to improve our ability to financially support these programs. Thanks to BHC, we have increased our number of psych beds to 46 and increased our profitability by over $2 M.”
- Ed Epperson, CEO

The Client:

Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center, in Carson City, Nevada, is a 172-bed, not-for-profit facility. The hospital serves over 300,000 residents and offers a variety of services, including a birthing center, oncology treatment, cardiac care, emergency care, critical care, and psychiatric services. Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center has a reputation built on quality healthcare provided to the resident of the community.

The Issue:

The Psychiatric Department includes a 28-bed inpatient unit that had been managed internally for several years. The inpatient and outpatient program units are located off-campus to the main hospital. These programs offer many mental health services, including chemical dependency care, adult inpatient care, individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling, and psychological testing. Hospital administration reported an approximate loss of $2 million per year.

The Solution:

Carson Tahoe realized they could not solve their dilemma without external help. The hospital wanted quality programs that would serve the needs of the community, but needed a better understanding of the economics of the mental health services and greater control of the reimbursement. After critical data analysis, BHC created a “go forward” action plan for the hospital:

  • Decrease the number of nursing staff and other full-time employees
  • Improve the quality of the intake and assessment department
  • Improve relationships with local clinicians
  • Hire and train a Community Liaison Manager to promote all services to the community
  • Improve working relationships with other hospital departments and the medical staff
  • Renegotiate contracts with physicians
  • Improve billing and collection practices

The Results:

During Behavioral Health Concepts engagement, and during the ongoing leadership of BHC, the Psychiatry Department has experienced significant improvement, with marked changes on the inpatient unit. The community marketing effort had identified and developed new referral sources dedicated to the senior population. Other hospitals in the area recognized the value f the program and refer patients whose needs could not have been met elsewhere. The $2 million loss was eliminated and replaced with a meaningful profit.

Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare decided to manage the behavioral health services internally after a five-year contract with BHC. During the spring of 2008, Carson Tahoe called BHC to evaluate the opportunity to manage the inpatient and outpatient units again. BHC and Carson Tahoe have recently signed a new contract.  Since that time CTH has increased their number of psych beds to 46 and has increased profitability by over $2M.


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